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1. What does SMSTM Women's College stand for?

Establish a national level centre for advanced studies including PG program me and research facility, promising international , quality based education for women to face the competitive world. Sayyid Muhammed Ali shihab Thangal Memorial Arts & Science Women's College has its sole objective of moulding the minds and souls towards excellence in all scenario with universal perspective and vision.

Empowerment and enlightenment of women who can thereby mould and lead the successive generations, with academic excellence and moral confidence.

2. Where is SMSTM Women's College located?

SMSTM is located on in a picturesque setting about 3 kms from Vettichira, near Calicut in Malappuram District, 10.907640, 76.016821

3. Who are the members of the Governing Board of SMASTM?

Sayyid Hydar Ali Shihab Thangal Panakkad (President)
C. Muhammed Ali Athavanad ( General secretary)
M.P Muhammed Kutty Musliyar Pallar (Treasurer)

4. What are the programmers offered at SIAS?

BA English Language and Literature
BSc Psychology Computer Application

5. To which University SMSTM Arts and Science Women's College is affiliated to?

The college is affiliated to University of Calicut and it follows all rules and regulations of the University in conducting Examinations and in the procedures of admission.

6. Is transport facility provided?

The College is providing bus facility from Vttichira to College Campus. There should not be bus service into the college from other area up to the service supported by Govt of Kerala comes to force. Students can also use line bus service.

7. Is hostel facility provided?

Hostel facility is offered to students from remote areas