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In the beginning of the academic year, the Parent Teacher Association would be constituted to co-exist with the aspirations and dream of the three fragments of the learning process. PTA share the progress of the institution with creative ideas and proper interventions


  • National Loan scholarships
  • Government of India National Scholarships (Merit)
  • Scholarships to Physically Handicapped Students.
  • Government of India Scholarship to Students from Non Hindi Speaking States for Post-metric Students in Hindi
  • State Scholarships Scholarship amount for Degree students: Rs. 625 per annum PG students Rs. 750.
  • Calicut University Merit Scholarship
  • Merit Scholarship for the Children of School teachers
  • Educational Concession to the children and grand children of freedom fighters.
  • Educational Concession to the Children of Service Personnel who have been killed or disabled in action on the Front.
  • Harness Fee Concession
  • Educational Concession to the Students belonging to the Sched- uled Castes, Scheduled tribes and Other Eligible Communities including Kudumbis and Converts
  • Educational Concession to socially and educationally backward communities under KPCR
  • Educational Concession to the Forward Communities under KPCR

Students Union

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Anti - Ragging Committee

Ragging is a non-bail offence and requires criminal procedure. If any incident of ragging and or aiding and abetting ragging happens to notice, severe action will be taken against such students.

Women's development Cell

It focuses on the overall progress of women in the society ensuring gender equality and social justice. Student organize different programmes ranging from trainings to empower, skill development programs, practical gatherings to surpass fear and awareness sessions.

Literary Club

Student get-togethers on behalf of literary club attempt to create a literal and linguistic arena in the serene atmosphere of the campus providing opportunities to present seminar papers, participate in literal camps, observe days related to language and culture etc The literal programmes conducted by the club were honored with the presence of esteemed personalities and scholars.


The club maintained and organized under Psychology Department tires to answer psychological problems and gives directions related to learning, lifestyle, and socio-psycho tensions.


Under construction


Under construction

Nature Club

Red Ribbon Club